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Manually movable waste containers are available to all customers in our operating area. The containers in compliance with standards are suitable for mechanical emptying with the standard garbage trucks used in Finland in terms of their material strengths, dimensions and structures.

Waste containers are available for sale at the Kapula waste treatment site in Hyvinkää and at the Karanoja waste treatment site in Hämeenlinna. You can pick up a container yourself or request home delivery for a separate fee. Containers available for purchase are delivered to all municipalities (transport fee EUR 42.16/container).

Rental containers are delivered to the destination at no extra charge. We deliver rental containers to customers in Valkeakoski, Hattula, Hämeenlinna, Loppi, Riihimäki, Mäntsälä, Hausjärvi, Hyvinkää, Tuusula, Järvenpää and Kerava. Rental containers are subject to a monthly rental fee.

Orders for both rental and purchased containers are made through customer service.

Waste containers

The containers comply with the SFS-EN 840 standard, can withstand mechanical loading and are equipped with wheels.

The colours of the containers are intended for specific waste components. The correct colour is not mandatory if the container is clearly marked with a label. For containers ordered from us, you can get a container label in accordance with the waste component free of charge.

  • Grey: mixed or dry waste
  • Brown: biowaste
  • Blue: packaging glass
  • Dark grey: metal
  • Red: hazardous waste
  • Yellow: plastic

Waste container prices

The dimensions and sales prices of the containers are shown in the table below. The prices include taxes.

Container sizeWidth/height/depth/mm                                   Price when picked upRental price/month
140 l484 x 1,065 x 550EUR 56.00EUR 2.24
240 l580 x 1,072 x 724EUR 59.50EUR 2.24
360 l / 370 l770 x 1,068 x 811EUR 105.00EUR 3,34
660 l1,210 x 1,218 x 773  EUR 190.01EUR 5.43

NOTE! The sizes in centimetres are indicative, as the dimensions of the waste containers vary slightly between container suppliers.