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Kiertokapula takes care of the waste management under the responsibility of its owner municipalities (excl. Janakkala and Nurmijärvi). Waste management obligations are based on waste legislation and waste management regulations.

Municipal waste management is an essential service that always requires the municipality to be responsible for its operation. Waste management must also function in places where the provision of the service is difficult and unprofitable, and it must operate on an equal basis for the municipal residents, in particular.

According to the Waste Act, all residential properties must join waste management organised by the municipality. This also applies to holiday homes. Kiertokapula takes care of waste management in those of its owner municipalities where the matter has been agreed on with the municipality. Housing companies, detached house properties and holiday homes can join waste management using either a property-specific or jointly owned container. You can join waste management via our online services (only in Finnish) or by contacting Kiertokapula’s waste management customer service. Properties for which it is not possible to arrange a property-specific container can register as users of the regional collection point. Of our municipalities, regional collection points are used in Hämeenlinna, Mäntsälä, Riihimäki and Valkeakoski.

The waste management authority, i.e. the Waste Management Board Kolmenkierto, Kiertokapula Oy and the environmental protection authorities cooperate in the same area, and they each have their own tasks:

The contact information of the supervisory authority in your municipality is available on your municipality’s website.