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The state of the environment is monitored by regular water samples taken from surface, ground and landfill runoff water in a number of different locations. The surface and edge structures of the final disposal site can also be used to prevent harmful substances from being transported away from the landfill with water.

At the Kapula waste treatment site, gas is collected by depressurisation of the landfill using a gas collection system. In the system, the gas passes through collection wells and pipelines to the gas pumping station, from where it is led to Hyvinkään Lämpövoima Oy. There, the gas is used to heat the return water of the district heating network.

At the Karanoja waste treatment site, all recovered gas is directed to St1 Oy’s bioethanol plant in Karanoja for utilisation. All gas collection lines are regularly monitored and adjusted for the best gas yield possible.

Everyone can report environmental observations using an electronic form. The observations will be addressed and the necessary measures will be taken to improve the situation.