Mixed and dry waste

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Mixed waste is collected from properties where biowaste does not have to be sorted separately according to regulations and where it is not composted. In mixed waste, dry waste and biowaste are collected in the same bag. When biowaste is composted or collected in a separate container, the remaining waste is called dry waste.

Pack the waste to avoid getting the container dirty. Pack glass and dusty waste particularly well.


  • unusable textiles, shoes
  • nappies, personal hygiene products, disposable face masks
  • porcelain, ceramics
  • flat glass, glassware and glass objects
  • hard and plastic-covered covers of books
  • incandescent and halogen light bulbs
  • small amounts of PVC plastic (e.g. tarpaulin) and plastic items not suitable for packaging collection (e.g. plastic toys)
  • dirty packaging
  • cat litter, pet droppings and cage cleaning waste
  • cooking oil (small quantities packed in a sealed plastic bottle)
  • small amounts of soil, raking waste, house plants, flowers, brushwood, wood and invasive alien species
  • small amounts of sand and soil


  • biowaste if it is collected separately or composted
  • hazardous waste
  • waste electric and electronic equipment